Day One: Endings and Beginnings

YWCA Friends saying goodbye

Goodbyes are not my strong suit. Especially when I know I will see you again. I don’t get emotional, and it makes me uncomfortable when you do. I do however love to celebrate with people. Last night was particularly fun as I got to toast to my departure from my job with so many of the wonderful people who have become a part of my life. It was quite a showing. Maybe you all need to do more drinking together?Just saying.

It was eerie walking away from my empty desk and out of the building for the last time. Throughout the evening I felt as if I was in free float. Something had ended and something hadn’t quite begun. It was limbo. In the early morning (2 am-ish) I woke up from a dream and had a hard time falling back to sleep. My brain was eagerly processing and filing all job related info. I also started writing this post in my head. I managed to fall back to sleep (I think) but was up again to see the sunrise.

Many people last night asked me if I was going to sleep in today. I’m not that lucky. I have a full plate of errands today. Starting with the Just Between Friends Sale and then my daughter gets to say goodbye to her daycare and hello to her new preschool. I wonder if she well get emotional. Something tells me that she is as future-focused as her mom.

One thought on “Day One: Endings and Beginnings

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