Day 3: Write and Repeat

So I learned something this morning about blogging. You have to actually publish your post on the day that you want it to be labeled as. (Since, this post I have learned how to change the date, yay!) To give myself some credit, I did actually write most of it on day 2. I just saved the draft because I got interrupted by a busy household wanting to enjoy their weekend. Then I went out to celebrate my new life with some other moms. I came home just before midnight, in no condition to be blogging.

I wonder if it would be best to plan to skip writing on the weekends. It seems like consistency would be easier to achieve if I set realistic goals. Really the blog is about not going to a job Monday thru Friday, so it would make sense to only write when everyone else is at their desks. Plus, my weekends are going to be like everyone else’s weekends so what is there really to say.

I had planned also to post a photo with each post. You can look forward to that tomorrow. I can’t wait to reflect on what it feels like to really begin something new. Tomorrow I will wake up and instead of showering and squeezing into work clothes that I am so bored of wearing, I will throw on some sweats and pack a bag for yoga. Instead of rushing Mel into the car and fighting traffic for 30 mintues. She and I will drive for 5 minutes to her new school. Instead of sitting down at a desk at 9 am. I will sit down on my Yoga mat. I wonder if I will have a hard time sleeping tonight because of the excitement. We’ll see.

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