Day 5: Progress isn’t always linear

This pic is weeks old, but it seemed appropriate.

So, I am lying on my back in yoga class this morning concentrating on relaxing every muscle. I’m feeling good about my practice because I’ve made it through all the poses without needing to take a break. The instructor is in her consistent monologue about the practice of yoga, and she says something that makes my eyes fly open wide.

“For example, if you are someone who has a job that everyone thinks is really impressive, and you are great at it, but it makes you unhappy. Then you quit your job to do something else that people don’t think very much of. That is still progress, it’s just you following your own path. Progress isn’t always linear.”

I checked with my husband tonight to see if he had said anything about me to anyone at the studio. He swears he did not.

The instructor was talking about yoga. She said sometimes you have to take a few steps back and release from the pose a little. Then push forward again to go deeper. When you push against a wall – physical or emotional –  and you are getting nowhere, it’s time to let go, take a deep breath, and try something new.

All I can say is, wow… I knew that yoga was the right thing to do. I just didn’t know how exactly, perfectly, appropriately, cosmic it would be.

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