Day 8: A neglected garden is better than no garden at all

My heart broke this morning as it got light enough to see that it was raining. “That wasn’t supposed to happen! Oh well, I might as well get a short run in at the gym if I’m not getting outside.” By the time I got back the rain had stopped. “Hmmm, what the hell. I’ll just go out and harvest some cherry tomatoes.” That turned into cleaning up the garden. I gave the rotten tomatoes to the chickens, threw all the greenery ( and about 10lbs of green tomatoes) into the yard waste. I clipped the vines that at least had a few half ripe ones and decided to hang them up to ripen under the skylight.

Somehow deciding to hang them on wire hangers on my kitchen wall made me feel like I was making art. “Oh yeah, that’s right I’m creative!” Rediscovering my creativity is something I have been really looking forward to. I can’t wait to start phase 2  (archiving) so that I can show off some of my work. To think: I sculpt, paint, sew and knit and have yet to do any of that in 2011.

My husband said last week, “Well, when you are your normal creative self…” as if I am some sort of Jeckyll and Hyde. The evil cranky over-worked sack of potatoes vs. the energizer bunny, bubbling over with ideas. Those ideas can often wear me out. There is not enough time in the day to do all the things I think would be fun. Today I managed to also fit in swinging on the zip line at Lincoln Park with Melody and Jack and then taking them home to make personal sized pizzas from scratch.

I have to say, I am glad it’s Friday. I bet you never thought you would hear that from someone without a paycheck.

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