Day 11: Scattered, Smothered and Covered

Scattered, smothered and covered is how I order my hashbrowns at the Waffle House. It’s also how I am feeling today. My to do list seems to be getting longer each day instead of smaller. I am getting a few things done each day, but twice as much stuff gets added to it. I am having trouble setting priorities, maintaining structure and staying focused. When I have so many things to do, sometimes my brain just starts to shut down and I feel the urge to crawl back under the covers.

Our family had a lovely fun weekend. It was a weekend of finally NOT doing a million chores. We actually went out and did things together and enjoyed each other’s company. The price of that is a messy house and an empty fridge. Today, Tom and I were talking about how he felt on his 100 days. He would just start making a dent in fixing things that were broken and completing projects – then something new would break. We talked about entropy in the sense that all things are pushing to a state of chaos. We were trying to remember the difference between entropy and enthalpy. Then he went into the bathroom, the light bulb burned out and we both broke into hysterics.

I started out posting a pic of m list and decided that a happy moment from Saturday was more fun.

At least I know this feeling is normal. There will always be broken things to fix, dirty laundry piling up, suffocating clutter to purge, and holidays (eek!) to prepare for. No one EVER is fully prepared or gets ahead unless they have a staff like Daddy Warbucks (Melody saw Annie for the first time this afternoon). I need to practice making peace with this and do my best to enjoy the tasks at hand. I’ll try to turn my tune of “It’s a hard knocks life” into “The sun will come out tomorrow.” If only the sun would actually come out.

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