Day 12: Savoring Solitude in Sogtober.

Full disclosure: this is not my rainbow. I stole it from a Facebook friend.

It has occurred to me that during most days of the week I do not leave the peninsula of West Seattle. For some reason, I am loving that. I have three stellar events at the end of this week: my monthly tweetup #NPface, a reunion with coworkers from Fitch – my job before last, and a shopping event put on by the YWCA called Closet Treasures Sale. I have been looking forward to all of these events for weeks. All of them require driving and parking in urban areas. I kind of have the jitters.

I hate to admit that a part of me would rather just stay home in my big sweater and fuzzy booties to nest. Please don’t take offense, it’s probably the weather. The rain has been relentless. I was playing with names today: Sogtober, Soptober, Sloppytober. Feel free to add your own in the comments. It’s oppressive really even to be in the house and hear the white noise of the downpour that seems to pick up intensity just as you have to leave the house. The world outside is one big, wet, drippy sponge that makes rude noises under your feet.

On the bright side, Melody and I did see a rainbow today. I pulled the car over so I could get her out of her car seat to see it. Rainbows are so rare in this town that she’s never seen one (at least they were rare when I was downtown all day… and please know that I grew up in the Rainbow State) . She was fascinated at how it faded and intensified. She worked hard to pick out each of the individual colors and had a hard time seeing the orange and the purple. In hind sight I wish I had taken a picture. I thought of it, but there were all sorts of power lines slicing up the image and that bummed me out. I sourced one from somewhere else.

I would have thought by now that I would be craving social stimulation, especially of the adult variety. For some reason I don’t feel deprived or wanting. Perhaps it’s the group dynamics of yoga, or the fact that my daughter talks to me incessantly, but I am not at all lonely. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of you and look forward to reconnecting soon, but do I really have to cram you all into three days? It will probably be good for me. Once I get off this island and across that bridge, I’ll perk up. Who knows, maybe I’ll see more rainbows.

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