Day 18: Down with slacks

I was shuffling clothes between closets on Friday. We have two clothing closets. They are small. There is one in our “master” bedroom and one in Melody’s room. They are exactly the same size. However, Melody is a lot smaller than Tom or I are, so we use most of her closet. I built a small bar at her height so her dresses could hang below our extra clothes. If she gets any bigger and needs more room, we’ll just have to move.

I started out by moving Tom’s short sleeve shirts into Melody’s closet, since he won’t be wearing them till next July. When I got there with my armfull of shirts, I was faced with another problem. There was no room in the inn. So I started digging through it to find long sleeve shirts to bring back to our closet, in some sort of strange musical chairs game. I found some really ugly shirts that maybe, if they are in front of Tom every morning, he will finally let me get rid of them. I extracted the ugly shirts and amid them were some of my pants. Slacks to be precise. Work pants. They were resting there until winter as they are made of wool. I was momentarily excited as I had been really low on wardrobe… when I quit.

I contemplated this for a moment. When will I ever wear these again? I think of them as “work pants.” Clothes that are only fit for the office. I have never wore them during the weekend, never on a date night. Ick. That’s when it hit me. I may never wear slacks again! EVER! Ok, maybe if I ever have to interview again I might wear a suit… make that a skirt suit.

My wardrobe has been top of mind. I am doing best to hold off on buying new clothes during this recovery phase. My body is shrinking and I have a lot of clothes stashed in these closets I haven’t worn in a while. I also want to make sure I can address this in proper order: first recover, then archive, then experiment. In the meantime I have been on a steady diet of black yoga pants. They aren’t just for yoga anymore! They also work for pushing kids on swings, cleaning the house and working in the yard.

I do run into issues however when it’s grownup time. I struggled to find things to wear on Wednesday and Friday nights last week and I know I will face this again this week. I have a few skirts and leggings (SOOO BORED OF THEM TOO), so they will have to do. I just can’t bring myself to wear the slacks, they are going to get donated tomorrow. Maybe I’ll dig around Goodwill for something fun to wear on Wednesday and Friday nights this week.

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