Day 19: Opportunistic when it comes to sunshine

Squinty white Seattle children

Over the ten plus years that I’ve lived in Seattle, I feel like I see the sun less and less. Sure, it’s a common symptom. When you haven’t seen the sun in days, weeks, or months, and you wake up to a bluebird sky you can’t help but get outside as fast as you can. No time to feed you cats, must… get… out! No doubt, there is little that is more painful than when the only sunny days come on days you have to be inside an office and get work done.

Tonight, I think I actually have a sunburn on my cheeks (and I wore a hat). In the last 48 hours, I have worked out in the yard, gone to Alki, spent a total of 6 hours at playgrounds. I even managed to walk around Greenlake this morning (Thanks Sheri!). I can’t tell you how many sunny mornings have passed me by, where a walk would have been far more productive than sitting down at the computer. It’s worth ever penny of budget crunching to be able to set my activities to the rhythms of mother nature.

Now, I realize I can’t do this everyday. If I could I would just move home to Maui and embrace it – they really don’t get anything done there. If I hated the rain, I wouldn’t live in Seattle. I do like hot tea, sweaters, and working on an indoor project while it storms outside. Some of my most creative work has been done during bad weather.  It’s a good thing it rains sometimes – most of the time –so that I get things done, especially since I can now just run out outside on a whim to be Seattle’s fair weather friend.

One thought on “Day 19: Opportunistic when it comes to sunshine

  1. Sherry says:


    so glad you had the spaciousness to fully take advantage of rare and beautiful fall sunshine! it’s exactly what sabbatical is about.

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