Day 27: #Viadoom. I get it now.

Deconstruction Photo by Christopher Swenson on 10/23/11

Last night I had a social media event to attend. I was so excited to see my pals and drink some wine. My lovely friend Michelle gave me a ride downtown from West Seattle since she was headed that way. We sailed across the bridge and then as we crossed under the empty Alaskan Way Viaduct, it was bumper to bumper. We had no idea which alternative route to take, and chose 1st avenue. Then we moved over to 4th, hoping for more speed, and we found it until we passed the stadiums. Then it was the parking lot of 4th avenue downtown for 20 plus minutes just to get to Seneca, with no alternative. I felt bad as I got out of the car to walk to Seattle Art Museum, while she had to continue battling her way down 4th to the North end of the city.

Good lord, am I glad to not have to commute this week. My husband and his entire vanpool gave up after Monday. They are all working from home the entire week. It truly is VIADOOM.

Granted, I never took the Viaduct to get to work. I would always take the carpool lanes on I5 from Georgetown. To get home I would take Airport Way. So my mornings would not have changed much (but I am not willing to test that theory), but my evenings would have been a nightmare. I can only imagine doubling the time it took me to get home, not making it in the door until 7 with a very cranky daughter and severely low blood sugar. What a disaster.

I am settling into my new life and the days are starting to blur together. I have to look back at what my life once was to fully appreciate the place I’m in now – what a gift. Every morning while the rest of West Seattle fights it’s way off this peninsula, I will take a deep breath and cherish the decision I made, and the by-skin-of-my-teeth timing.

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