Day 39: Did I promise to blog while traveling?

Melody is more into modern dance than disco.

I don’t know what I was smoking. Someone must have drugged me. I was delusional. I thought I could travel blog. I had visions of myself busting out the laptop on the plane while Melody was watching movies, or in the quiet hours of the evenings after I put Melody to bed and said goodnight to the inlaws. HA!

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. I had a great time. My expectations for the trip as a single parent out of my element with my husband’s family were low. I knew it would be demanding and exhausting, and downright unhealthy. What I didn’t know was that I would really truly enjoy it.

I think the relief from the responsibilities at home and the commitments of my new digital life were welcomed.  I liked trying new restaurants along the way, and the highlight had to be the girl time (because of a sitter) I had with my sister in law. Who doesn’t love a half day sans kids enjoying brisk walk in the fall leaves, followed by shoe shopping, followed by mani-pedies, followed by margaritas, followed by drinking wine on the back porch into the wee hours. It was also pretty awesome to see Melody enjoy herself so much. We all had a great time in North Carolina for the wedding, thanks to Tom’s parents and the hotel rooms they got for us.

So here I am, 10 days behind on my quest and a few pounds heavier (maybe more than a few but I don’t want to ever know for sure). I am staring archiving in the face but feeling like I need to start recovery all over again. I have done a little pondering on how I am going to start the archiving phase, but not a whole lot. I think I am going to start with cleansing the desk where I am writing this. I’ll take a picture tomorrow before I start dismantling the clutter, so you can see it. Anybody have any good books on organizing they can recommend?

4 thoughts on “Day 39: Did I promise to blog while traveling?

  1. Sister-in-law says:

    AHA! I finally found your blog! Of course I immediately scanned downed to the timeframe in which you spent with us at the wedding. I was sure to find a reference to your crazy, conservative, OCD, wino sister-in-law, but so far I’ve found nothing but Harmony at her best. Positive, introspective and – yeah – maybe oversharing a bit. 🙂 (That doesn’t happen in my family – we sweep e-ver-y-thang under a big ‘ol rug). But you are my family, thank goodness, and despite our differences, I think we have a lot in common. We love the Rickell boys and our babies, and that’s what it’s all about. Well, that and the Hokey-Pokey. I’ll be following you now that I’ve found you!

  2. Sister-in-law says:

    BTW – DO NOT get a book on organizing clutter! That’s just more clutter (Hellooo Gene). Plenty of help online. One drawer at a time, sister, one drawer at a time.

  3. […] did a series of washcloths because I didn’t know what else to do. I even took my knitting on my trip to the South, and brought them with me to Melody’s play dates so I would have something to […]

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