Day 40: Random photos appearing before my eyes.

The coastline of Kauai on my honeymoon hike

Did I mention I got a new laptop? New to me anyway. With a laptop that is less than 10 years old, when you set it up it suggests that your photo library randomly rotate on your desktop. You can set the timing. I set mine to change every 15 minutues. This means, everytime I boot up or wake it up from slumber there is a new fantastical random memory waiting for me. I love it.

This is probably one of the least remarkable photos (I can hear you saying, “shut the front door!”) because it doesn’t have any people in it. I can hear my mom’s voice in my head from when I was 14, “Why would I want to see 24 pictures of people I have never met?” I love seeing photos of Tom and I from years ago. It kind of makes me feel younger. I have always wanted to get one of those picture frames that shows random digital photos. I have never seen one in anyone’s home. Does anyone have one of those?

It’s a great way to start archiving. To start looking at your massive photo library without getting sucked down a rabbit hole. I got my first digital camera for my 25th birthday (from Tom). I went back to film for a while, but always got the CDs when I developed those pics. Let’s just say I have a lot of pixels. This does not even include the shoebox of printed pics and the 3 traditional photo albums that beg to be scanned. Where do I begin?

I figure there are two possible strategies. One: look at each item carefully and consider it’s value. Two: take the whole lot ad toss it out and start over. Both are terrifying. Have you ever fantasized about having a fire and losing all of your stuff? I have. But at the same time, I don’t have the guts. Well, tomorrow I will actually dig in. I know that I said I would start today, but I had to go to yoga instead (and oh yeah it was worth it). Wish me luck.

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