Day 44: Uncovering my desk and discovering my new happy place

It's like a breath of fresh air

Today was desk clean out day part two. Tom took Melody to open play gym at Seattle Gymnastics, while I tackled the 4 foot tower of boxes. I threw away a mountain of paper, I already forget what it was. I put random loose photos into the one shoebox I allow myself (Anyone have a speed photo scanner they could lend me?). I couldn’t bring myself to throw away my work rolodex full of defunct business cards – I’ll get to that later. I created a bin of art supplies for Melody to play with. That was key. I have a lot of random cards, envelopes, and stickers and I am trying to pass them on to someone who will treat them with a little less care and actually USE them.

You may not believe this, but I still have my sticker collection from 3rd grade. I have tried to shuffle it into new containers and thin it a bit, but it has followed me for most of my life. I was able today to lay out some of it on the couch for Melody and she promptly made a card for her friend, put it into one of the envelopes and covered – I mean COVERED – it in stickers. I had to draw dotted lines around the postage area so she could actually mail it. One of you is getting this. You won’t be able to miss it.

I am stunned. My desk is actually clean and not distracting. It’s a little weird. So this is what progress feels like. I am not quite sure what to do with myself. I even got around to shredding the old credit card statements that were lying around. Melody really enjoyed helping me load paper into the shredder. Don’t worry I gave her a thorough training first on how far her extremities needed to stay from the machine.

Not much remains outside of what you see in this photo. There are a few items at the bottom of the remaining box that include cables for what I do not know, the marble sample from our kitchen countertops (maybe they want that back?), a speed pour top, a bathroom sink plug (why oh why was this in my desk?) and a padlock destined for the tool bin. Some of the items that went into the desk at the last minute were my pantone fan and triangle – you know just in case I ever get one last print assignment some day.

The final item that I need your help with is my three Pina Zangaro 11 x 14 metal portfolios. Good lord, does anyone ever show their work in that format anymore. I assume that everyone shows their entire portfolio online and just brings a laptop to portfolio reviews right? Maybe a sample or two in a pretty envelope? I think I tried to sell two of them on Craig’s List a few years ago and got nothing. There is some stock of metal portfolios, Zangaro included, but 0 bids on any of it. Are they garbage along with my two red cases with my name stamped in them? Please help me. For now they are all going under my bed.

4 thoughts on “Day 44: Uncovering my desk and discovering my new happy place

  1. Laura Kimball says:

    Love your story about stickers. What is it about being a kid and fascinated about stickers? Guess I need to have a sticker date to figure out 🙂

  2. mrsmoy says:

    Another thing we have in common–I totally still have my grade school sticker collection!

  3. Sheri Hauser says:

    By the way, I love the archiving section so far, it makes me a little green with envy though… I could use days upon days to organize/toss/properly file all the piles and boxes of collected memorabilia! It can be truly overwhelming. Already at Tasty in 20 short months I have overloaded my drawers/bins/boxes and have gone on to stuff bags of cards/folder/notebooks that I can’t possibly toss, but what then? How convenient are they really to me sitting in bag, tucked in a corner where I hope Sean won’t see it and hola “what’s this for?” sigh.

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