Day 71: Going Dark

Somehow this feels right

I love dark hair. Some of my favorite characters are famous for being dark: Anais Nin, Betty Paige, PJ Harvey, Amelie, Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls. Today I asked my stylist, Melissa at Salon Napolitano to take me as dark as she would let me go. We went to a level #3. Higher levels of #2 and jet black #1 were out of the question, she said. I had also seen a woman at the Starbucks headquarters with these inverted bangs and I thought she looked cool so I thought I would try it out.

I am officially in the experimentation phase. A haircut was first on the list. I hadn’t had it cut since the beginning of August (if you don’t count my own acts of aggression on my uneven bangs and dry ends). I was waiting until the experimentation phase officially begun to go here. I am not sure I would have been so bold in October. I tried out some ipad apps that let you try out hairstyles, but they were pretty lame. I am not sure I need to experiment with my hair any further. Tom and Melody both like it. I am going to stick with this, until it becomes my new normal.

I have still have some work left to do in Archiving, and frankly Recovery too. I still need to dig into some lists and go through a few boxes in the attic. It’s been tough writing this week. It was another kind of going dark– one I have to apologize for. I have been focused on other things: knitting, organizing, redoing Melody’s room, and of course Christmas. I better push through this rough patch though and stay focused . Writing is my touchstone, keeping me tethered to my sanity. Without it I would just slip into the comfort of stay at home mom land.

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