Day 83: A unexpected moment to reflect

A quick self portrait in the parking lot of PCC

Late this afternoon, Melody and I were on a quick trip to PCC to pick up a missing ingredient for one of our favorite dinner entrees. As we pulled into the parking lot, I turned around and noticed she was out cold. I know she had been up since 6 am (another unpredictable event), so I felt she could use a little rest. We weren’t in any particular rush, and I was in need of a little quiet time, so I just sat there and let her sleep.

What would I do without an Iphone? Without it I would never have enjoyed the down time. Without it I wouldn’t have found a great article posted on self portraits (Link seems to have vanished, sorry). Without my blessed phone I couldn’t have taken this photo.

I have been practicing reverse mirror shots. I use the screen pointed at the mirror,  instead of the lens. I like the results better than shooting into the mirror.  Yes, I am still using an Iphone 3GS. I get to have a 4 after Christmas. (yay!)

I don’t have a lot of time to write tonight. I am reading books like crazy, doing research, and making gingerbread dough. I also need to get some sleep as I was also up at 6 am this morning. I’ll just say that sometimes your day doesn’t go as you would expect, but with a well balanced life, you can find joy in the little surprises – if you have an Iphone.

One thought on “Day 83: A unexpected moment to reflect

  1. […] and there. I finished the sleeves on a humongous sweater. I knit myself a hat, as shown in one of my self-portraits. I had lost the previous hat last spring and was pleased that I could recreate it with yarn I got 2 […]

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