Day 93: 12 predictions for 2012


This photo was shot just before midnight at Locol. I was able to post my draft and add a photo from my phone at the bar. I love technology.


It’s that time of the year again. This is the time of the year when every single media outlet (including and especially blogs) count down the top ________ of ______, or resolutions, tips, predictions for the coming year.

I wrote a post at the end of 2009 on my first (and very unproductive) blog that chronicled all the wonderful things that had happened to me in that decade. I feel like I have done the recap thing enough. At the very least, I have covered the last quarter of this year in great detail.

I choose now to be future focused. I will not dwell on the past. I will not make resolutions – which aren’t even promises. Here are my personal 12 predictions for 2012:

1. Building Ipad apps will be added to my skill set.

2. Tom and I will take Melody on her first trip to the Big Apple, and she will not want to come home.

3. We will rebuild our chicken coop and add to our flock.

3. Tom will get a raise.

4. Melody will learn to write her full name. Right now she is “Moly” and she’s fine with that.

5. My vote will be for Barak Obama and he will get re-elected

6. I will make at least 5 new friends.

7. I’ll turn 36, and this birthday will not feature a body landing on the street in front of me.

8. We will go on at least two camping trips and one of them will not include rain.

9. The 1% are going to get even more nervous.

10. It will become popular to temporarily deactivate your Facebook account, and I will try it.

11. My new Iphone will be a temporary obsession.

12. The planet will not self destruct, but it will continue to get suckier to live on.

Happy New Year!

2 thoughts on “Day 93: 12 predictions for 2012

  1. Kinda dig this list. Happy New Year, Harmony!

  2. deedeemama says:

    Just kinda? Just kidding. Happy New Year to you too!

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